Emotional/Spiritual Influences: I rarely discuss my experience with the atomic bomb explosion in Nagasaki. I am classified in the special category, which was set up for the persons that entered the certain areas surrounding the center of the atomic bomb explosion within a specific time frame. The reason for my classification is that we entered the area two days after the explosion. Four of us; my father, two sisters and myself went toward the center of the explosion, pulling a cart. We went there in order to locate our relatives.


We didn't know anything about radiation. I don't know whether the radiation was the direct cause or not, but my father and two sisters have since passed away. I am the sole survivor of the four who went to the site. All I saw was a ·world of death... people, animals, everything dead.


From under a zinc board I saw the palm of a baby's hand which should have been fair in color, but was scorched black. In the midst of this world of death I ate a big white rice ball which was given to me by a rescue squad. I still wonder about it.


Visual Influences: I like a town which appears white from a distance, and I also like to see a window in a distance. They are both something beautiful to me. I suppose that they look beautiful on the whole. A human may appear beautiful if observed from high above, setting aside small virtue or a little sin.


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