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Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 4:24 min

Color / Sound / Movement

We are a training institute for a new generation of professionals in digital arts. We understand the needs of our students and the new world of artistic epxression in the field of production and post graphic production, audio visual and digital media so we are engaged in offering a functional quality training that enables our graduates to compete and integrate current professional reality.


We prioritize the transmission of expertise by using advanced digital tools and cutting-edge technological resources which together with our agendas and costs make our educational offering a very competitive option and certainly our cost-benefit ratio is one of the highest in the region .



Year of production: 2006

Running Time: 5:36 min

Color / Sound / Movement

This newly completed sculpture commission by Janet Echelman, changes shape in the wind. 160 feet tall, the sculpture spans 300 feet and suspends over a three-lane highway roundabout on the Atlantic coastline in Porto, Portugal. It is credited as the first permanent monumental sculpture to incorporate fluid movement and is called "one of the truly significant public artworks in recent years" by Sculpture Magazine. The sculpture integrates the history of Porto, where a fishing village became an industrial area with smokestacks and tanks. The red and white stripe pattern of the smoke stack referencing elements continues into the sculptural net shape. The shape of the net mirrors the landscape below. The solid, unmoving forms on the ground accentuate the movement and changing forms in the air.

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